Since 1907 our family has been in cultivation and processing into olive oil. During these years we have improved methods of working, while remaining faithful to its origins and ancient traditions.

Our extraction plant is strictly cold; the oil is not extracted from the pulp with the addition of hot water into the decanter, as happens in the continuous plants or modern, impoverishing by this way many nutrients, but simply pressed or squeezed with hydraulic presses brought to 400 atmospheres.

Norm in our oil mill is to grind the olives into a very small pieces and determine percentage of leaves that contribute to enrich the oil in a natural way of preservatives and antioxidants such as tannins and oleuropein also useful to counteract aging and hypertension.

The pump system consists of six bodies: defoliator, millstones, kneading-dosing with double-stacking station fully automatic, six super hydraulic presses and two vertical separators automatic washing.

The working capacity of the plant is about 70 - 80 tons of olives in 12 hours.

Here below you can see some photos from the archive of the family Laffusa dating back to the 40s.

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