In addition to providing private, gastronomy and haute cuisine are among our customers some of the staff of pharmaceutical companies, the Association of Doctors Without Borders in Rome, Food and the Cast of Brescia, the most important Italian cooking school to professional level.

Our company has concluded several agreements convention supply of oil with some important structures such as Cral Piedmont, Parma TEP, Autobrennero (A22), GTT Turin, INTERCRAL Parma, Padua University Hospital and University Hospital of Turin Molinette.

Another satisfaction was the supply of oil in bottles personalized to members of the cultural circle of the famous car maker Maserati Modena. Furthermore, throughout the 2012 racing season we’ll provide the table oil of the mobile team Pedercini Mantovana team in World Superbike motorcycle racing.

In Germany, our product is present in some popular restaurants and wine shops, we include in particular the wine Doc Capurro of which unique producers are we , so that the sale of oil in proportion exceeds that of the wine.

These satisfactions repay us the considerable effort expended in this sector.

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Some receptive structures that we provide the oil.

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