in Calabria, it should be remembered, contends the puglia leadership in the production of olive oil. To understand what’s the strong and ancient tradition of Calabrian olive oil, just quote some data provided by Unaprol-ISMEA: oil campaign in 2008-2009 in Calabria have produced about 200,000 tons against 50,000 tons of oil in Sicily, the 17,000 of Tuscany (region also with a strong olive) and 4,000 tons of Liguria and Marche.

In depth

The owner of Carmine Laffusa agrotechnic has matured as a different work experiences that have led to start a collaboration of about 6 years with CO.R.ASS.OL (Consortium regional olive associations) sponsored by the Agricultural department of the region of Calabria. Number of activities undertaken within the EU regulation,in which is the improvement project of the oil quality and technical support to olive farms.

The project was selected along with other technical part of the Scientific Committee chaired by Professor Agosteo, Professor of Agricultural Entomology at the University of Reggio Calabria. Many conferences conducted in various municipalities and companies where, in a simple and comprehensive was explicated the analytical composition and the types of oils, methods of collection, the pest, the processes of transformation of the oils and the role of olive oil in the diet.

Below we offer some items.

- Olive Oil: Health on the table - Agricultural Future May-June 2002

- Discovering the true flavor

- Olive oil, not only raw

- olive oil plants in the field


Distrust the oils that cost less than 6 euro per liter and not tracked products with unknown origin, low quality that mostly cases are sold under false "Made in Italy". Above-mentioned oils are odorless and tasteless, pinching or burning in the throat as they are mostly refined products. The cost to produce one liter of oil with quality is around 5 euro excluding charges, packaging and transport, and therefore it is unthinkable to sell it below this threshold price. So the basic rule is not to buy from who bottles it but from those who produces and sells it , that is directly from the miller.

Always seriousness, professionalism, friendliness and experience are the rules that distinguish us and allow us to gain the trust of many loyal and qualified customers.

Our Oil is incomparable , enough just to taste it!.


Just as our centennial experience in this industry can ensure the highest quality of the oil . For us it is an honor to provide such important structures as CRAL, as well as being an unique opportunity for all members to buy oil at a very cheap price with discount of 30%.

All customers and CRAL partners who have already placed the order, they can express their opinion about the oil through our e-mail.

Some recipes of typical Calabrian cuisine can be requested via e-mai.

Initiatives-corporate gifts

From October 20 to December 30, you can visit the mill and assist the phases of processing. Besides all the provided explanations won’t miss to taste the classic garlic bread with extra virgin olive oil.

Some specific initiatives are targeted at CRAL structures, information and details about it will be communicated to the respective secretariats; As for corporate gifts we offer customized packages and labels with company logos. All the information including the types of available packages can be found shortly on the website.

As usual there will be concessions and discounts for all interested companies.